Trade Show Time!

The first few months of every year bring the time to visit the trade shows . I usually visit the accessory show, the shoe show, and the gift show to find all the new and exciting trends of the coming year. For shoes, it is more difficult than accessories and clothing because of the needed 6 month lead time to make the shoes. In February we shop for fall shoes of 2016 and in August we shop for spring of 2017. The accessories and gifts are immediate shipping.

Going to a trade show is the one fabulous perk of owning a store. After working the store for months , day in and day out- getting to know all our customer needs and desires, the buying trips are long hours, but we make sure we have an incredible dinner and an extraordinary place to rest our heads! I try to take a different sales associate each time so they can experience it as well- plus it gives me fresh new eye seeing all the products.We have appointments lined up for 2 to 3 days on the hour 9-5 pm. It is a lot to take in , so after dinner we usually go over line sheets. Some of our favorite restaurants in New York are Balthazar, Marea, Fig and Olive- all delish!!

I’m heading out to Las Vegas this week for the shoe show, I try to do this every other year, it costs the same as New York and we search for young new designers . That is where we found Aerin, Rachel Zoe, Kanna, and Valdini.

So wish me luck! I will report back !